Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators & Incline Conveyors

Frazier & Son designs and manufactures high-quality bucket elevators, incline conveyors and ancillary equipment to meet customer’s specifications. This often includes integrating these conveyors into complete custom systems. With a strong customer base in the food and packaging industries, our conveyors lead the industry with an extremely sleek, safe and sanitary design. Frazier & Son’s conveying systems are also well suited for gentle handling requirements outside the food industry, like ammunition, catalyst, and other chemicals.

Frazier & Son Bucket Elevators and Incline Conveyors save valuable plant real estate with a minimal footprint. Our innovative designs and robust sanitary construction allows fragile products to be handled with minimal product degradation. Our designs include the latest safety options like safety interlocking switches and two-hand jog stations.

Our Bucket Elevators are available in ten different configurations, including single and multiple discharge designs, and can fit just about any application or layout. Indexing drives are also available for kit or food assemblies. Each bucket elevator is custom designed and built to spec.

Elevate your Expectations… insist on a Frazier and Son conveyor system. Let us show you how We Convey Quality.

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Industries We've Served

Packaging Conveyor for Beans Industries
Frazier Bucket Elevators are ideal for conveying Coffee Beans (Green and Roasted), Kidney Beans, Lima Beans, Black Beans etc.
Bucket Conveyor for Ammunition Industries
Frazier Bucket conveyors lift ammunition products such as bullets, bullet jackets and lead cores for packaging.
Packaging Conveyors for Chocolate Industries
Frazier Bucket Conveyors are ideal for elevating chocolate products (coated or non-coated) in process and packaging installations. Read more about Frazier’s experience in the chocolate industry in our case studies.
Packaging Conveyor for Nut Industries
Frazier Bucket Elevators are ideal for conveying fragile nut products such as peanuts, almonds, walnuts, cashews, pecans. In the shell, out of the shell, wholes, and halves.
Sanitary Buckets Conveyor for Pet Products Industries
Pet Products
Bucket Conveyors and Elevators are ideal for moving pet food and pet treats to packaging lines.
Bucket Elevator and Conveyors’ indexing capabilities allow integration with counting machines and baggers to provide hardware kits for at-home assemblies of furniture or the automotive industry.
Cereal Products
Gentle Bucket Conveyors and Elevators are ideal for moving fragile cereal products in process and packaging installations.
Kit Assembly Products
Kit Assembly
Frazier Packaging Bucket Elevator conveyor's indexing abilities allow use with counting machines and baggers for game piece kits for board games.
Frazier Bucket Elevators are ideal for conveying seed products.
Snack Foods
Snack Foods
Frazier Bucket Conveyors are ideal for gently elevating snack foods to combination scales for packaging.
Packaging Conveyors like Bucket Elevators are used extensively in pastas production.
Frazier & Son has many years of experience conveying sanded and oiled gummies to packaging scales with the Bucket Elevator conveyors.
Fruits & Veggies
IQF Fruits & Veggies
IQF Veggies are typically moved through packaging lines with Bucket conveyors.
Dried Fruits & Trail Mixes
Dried Fruit & Trail Mixes
Frazier & Son has years of experience conveying dried fruits and trail mixes to packaging scales with indexing Bucket Elevators.
Elevators are commonly used to convey candies to combination scales for packaging.
Frozen Meat
Frozen Meats
Frozen meats are easily conveyed with sanitary Bucket Elevator Conveyors during packaging.
Wrapped Candies
Wrapped Candies
Conveying odd shaped wrapped candies with bucket conveyors improves the packaging process.