Frazier Bucket Elevators Conveyor Models

Frazier & Son manufactures premium bucket elevators and bucket conveyors that integrate into a complete packaging conveying systems.

Known as the industry leader in innovating bucket elevator designs, Frazier & Son delivers a high quality product, application knowledge and superior customer service keeping our customers coming back time and time again. Frazier & Son Bucket Elevators save valuable plant real estate with a minimal footprint. Our innovative design allows fragile products to be handled with minimal product degradation. Whether you are conveying finished goods to a packaging scale or searching for gentle conveying alternative within your production process, Frazier & Son’s bucket elevator can provide a safe, sanitary conveying solution.

With a strong customer base in the food industry, Frazier & Son also serves a variety of other industries and products – ranging from snack foods to ammunition. With over ten different bucket elevator configurations available, including single and multiple discharge designs, our bucket elevators can fit just about any application or layout. Indexing drives are also available for kit or food assemblies.

Each bucket elevator is custom designed and built to meet your specific project requirements. Additional equipment, such as transition chutes, vibratory feeders, storage hoppers and storage conveyors are also provided by Frazier & Son. Custom controls are available to integrate a variety of equipment.

Frazier & Son offers the latest safety options for our bucket elevator product line, keeping operators and maintenance crews safe. Our latest safety package includes interlocking switches on operator access doors and a two-hand jog station, ensuring operator's hands are kept out of harms way. Wet washdown options for sanitary applications are available as well. Providing quality bucket elevators and bucket conveyors is what we at Frazier & Son have been perfecting throughout four generations.

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Single Discharge Bucket conveyors

Single discharge bucket conveyors can convey and elevate product from point A to point B, for example, feeding a bagging or packaging machine.

Multiple Discharge Bucket conveyors

Multiple discharge bucket conveyors can convey and elevate product to many locations, for example, feeding a number of bagging or packaging machines. Multiple infeed points can be utilized in this bucket conveyor design as well, creating a cost effective alternative to multiple conveying machines. Model CBT, Model CB, CBT-U configurations can be used in the multiple discharge design.

Indexing Bucket Conveyors

Indexing bucket conveyors are unique in design and function. Indexing bucket conveyors are timed to accept a certain amount of product in each bucket, and then discharge product in a packaging machine. For example, accepting a set of game pieces that are to be packaged and included in each end users’ board game (red piece, yellow piece, green piece, and blue piece, then one dice) and elevating them into a packaging machine, discharging the pieces every 1.5 seconds – which is based on the time needed by the feeding device and the packaging machine. Model C configurations are used in the indexing design. High Speed and Washdown versions are available.


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