When M.R. Frazier Sr. first developed our first patented bucket elevator—the WHIZ-PACKER—he designed it to measure and package nuts. Packaging equipment and packaging solutions have been a critical part of Frazier & Son from the very start.

Our many versatile bucket elevator machines can be designed to feed multiple inline packaging machines with a single bucket conveyor. However, we also offer bucket conveyors with multiple infeed points into a single packaging machine. These bucket elevators make quick work of packaging applications. They’re designed for gentle uniform feed, so your products arrive to the packaging process with limited degradation and ideal finish for packaging. Finally, we focus on building bucket elevators designed for ease of maintenance. Your bucket elevators packaging solution shouldn’t come with major maintenance requirements. Ease of use and ease of maintenance are our priorities. Every packaging elevator is designed to meet your business needs.

Whether your manufacturing process needs a fresh packaging solution or it’s time for you to invest in your first packaging equipment, our experts have decades’ worth of experience and are standing by to assist. Call us today to learn more about Frazier & Son’s packaging solutions.