New Video Available - Are more gummies ending up on the floor instead of the bottle?

Ever wonder how the goods you consume every day are packaged? Are you in the packaging industry, struggling with failing conveyors or packaging equipment for gummies?

Trust the experts when it comes to gummy conveying and packaging. Check out our latest video of AMS Filling and Frazier & Son's equipment in the nutraceutical industry conveying and packaging oiled and sanded gummies. The video can be found on our You Tube Channel - or by clicking the Galleries option on our website and choosing "Videos".

Gummy and candy, in general, can be very tricky whn packaging them into containers. They usually bridge or get stuck and have difficulty filling. That is why AMS Filling has taken the initiative and bacome one of the top manufacturers for filling gummy and candy type products - and we at Frazier & Son are proud to be apart of their innovative packaging solution!