Speed up Your Work Process with a Bucket Elevator Conveyor!

There is no magic formula for success as a business owner, but there are a few baseline concepts that have led many to very profitable endeavors:

  • Source your product for the lowest cost or best value available.
  • Sell your end product for the highest cost the market will tolerate, therefore maximizing your profit margin.

These two points speak to the supply and demand aspect of sales. But what about the in-between labor and processing? Your processing or packaging facility needs to be a combination of people and machines, both following the profit-building motto, “work smarter, not harder.” Automating your process and packaging lines can save you money by cutting costly manual labor rates.

Purchase and install a bucket elevator conveyor for your processing or packaging facility and you’ll reap the benefits in the form of a rising bottom line.

What Is a Bucket Elevator Conveyor?

bucket elevator is a mechanical conveyor that conveys AND elevates dry or solid product from one point to another and is used in process and packaging facilities worldwide

What Styles Are Available?

Single Discharge Bucket Conveyor

Single discharge bucket elevators elevate and convey product to one ultimate. For example, if your facility needs to convey granola from one storage bin to another storage bin, then this is the right answer for you. The single discharge design can also accommodate multiple infeed points and convey product to a single location. For example, if you have two storage bins of cereal that need to be elevated and conveyed to a single packaging scale, a single discharge bucket elevator would be an appropriate choice as well.

Multiple Discharge Bucket Conveyor

Multiple discharge designs were created to multitask. Utilizing a multiple discharge bucket conveyor design, you can elevate and convey product to multiple storage bins, mixers, or packaging lines. Multiple feed points can be incorporated in this design as well. For example, if you have 5 packaging machines and two horizontal conveyors coming off your production floor, you can achieve your elevating and conveying goals by using  multiple discharge bucket elevator conveyor with multiple infeed points.

Indexing Bucket Conveyor

The indexing bucket conveyor functions on the highest level of all the models. It can utilize multiple intakes, yet is far more capable with respect to output. You can program the machine on a timing device to pick up certain products and deposit them in a similar time-frame to create identical, mixed output sets. For example, if you are attempting to elevate and convey a kit assembly that requires two screws, two washers, two nuts, and one allen wrench to a packaging machine at 60 kit assemblies per minute, an indexing bucket elevator will stop and start to collect and in turn discharge the kit assembly in its entirety to the bagging machine.

Make every second count during a work day. Maximize total efficiency, speed up your work process, and cut down on manual labor costs when your company purchases and installs a bucket elevator conveyor.