Safety First: Options for Safe, Fast, & Easy Bucket Conveyor Maintenance

Time to time, our customers need to remove the buckets within our bucket elevators. Whether it's for GENERAL MAINTENANCE, INSPECTION, or for SANITATION, all of our customers share the same goal. They want a SAFE, FAST, and EASY method for removing buckets from the conveyor. Frazier & Son’s latest video showcases the removal of buckets in the Model C-WD bucket conveyor while incorporating safety interlock switches and a two-hand jog station. Frazier & Son can incorporate Safety Interlock Switches to monitor the position of guards, covers, and doors, which will be used to shut off power to the conveyor and prevent the bucket conveyor from starting when the guard, cover, or door is open. Additionally, Frazier & Son offers a two hand jog station that can be used to monitor the output of each mechanical switch button and will de-energize the bucket conveyor when the operator removes one or both hands from the buttons, providing protection for the operator actuating the hand controls – ensuring BOTH hands are within a safe zone while the conveyor is in motion. This is a popular option for customers that require washdown or wipe out installations and have to open the doors and covers on a regular basis. Visit Frazier & Son at Booth S-4018 at the #PACKEXPO this November for more information about our safety options!